Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What should be included in a quality set of house plans?

A Quality set of house plans from Complete Cad (CC) will include all 4 exterior Elevations noting Wall, Foundation and Truss bearing heights and exterior finish details where appropriate
All Floor Plans Including Foundation/ Lower Level finish, Main Floor and Second Floor plans where applicable
Wall Sections of each type; typically Foundation type, such as Full basement, Viewout, Daylight or Walkout and detail of any egress wells
At least One wall section detailing Foundation to Roof, typically required by Code officials for permitting
Typically at least one full section showing truss span and any unique features such as cathedral ceilings, porch overhangs and different wall heights for garages or porches where needed.
Stair Section noting all heights: Floor to Floor, Opening in floor, Guardrail, Railing, Head height as well as Tread and Riser sizes and any special details such as newel posts, custom spindle, enclosed or open tread details.
Any other details which would be needed to relate unique assemblies or designs to the builder such as custom porch columns, decorative gables, custom interior features such as cabinetry built-ins etc.

What about the actual prints? Typically you will need at least 6 -10 sets of prints to complete a residential home depending on how many subcontractors are involved. In many areas the building department requires 1-2 sets for the permit application. Foundation, Framing and mechanical sub-contractors should also have their own set. Many house plan retailers charge you, the plan purchaser, a substantial sum for each set of plans ordered. This can easily be hundreds of dollars. We think that's unfair and since we know you only plan on building one house, we email the actual PDF files directly to you. You can, or we can if you prefer, send them to a printer in your area and you can then print as many sets as you like. And since most printing companies charge by the square foot, this will save you money. Example: one printer in our area charges .30 - .70 per square foot.
Printing costs are your responsibility but there is no limit to the number of sets you can print. Note: each set of plans requires the building address on the title block and is only licensed for building at that address
If you are not aware of a printer capable of printing 24"x 36" in your area contact us and we can provide prints for you by mail for a per nominal fee.
Our typical print size is 24" x 36" with the usual set containing 5-8 sheets. A typical cost per square foot

Note: Complete Cad Inc does not provide structural detailing or design in any form. This is typical as lumber estimators will most structural elements based on local factors such as snow load, freeze index, wind, seismic and severe weather conditions. Lastly Foundation depths vary in different climate zones and will need to be adjusted. These adjustments as well as requirements for submittals of the additional documents will be noted on all plan sets. In most cases all the information to build is within the set, we only ask that any and all information is approved by local qualified structural engineers or estimators.