Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pride in Workmanship

Well, we recently had some work done at our house. It always seems that when I call someone, it's hard to get dependable people. I find when I talk with others they tell me the same thing and I think this is way too common. They don't call you back, don't show up when they say they will, and if they do finally give you a quote, it's way over inflated. Worse yet if you question the price and they do come down a bit, they make sure you know it by giving you poor quality work. If you're too busy to do the job, just tell me right up front. Don't just give me a high quote and waste our time because you don't need the work.

Do any of these people expect to get more work or a good reference?

I know of and have known many good trades-people though, but it usually seems that these people aren't in the same position for long, they move up quickly succeeding in whatever they end up doing; replaced by, you guessed it, someone who really doesn't care about their work quality. Or at least not as much.

So which type of person are you and what do you care about? We all have some kind of job, whether service, or sales, maybe a bit of each. What do you think the people you serve say about you when they walk away?  I want people to say, "man that guy does a great job and really seems to care. He's reasonably priced too.

As a draftsman, home designer, and do-it-yourselfer, I care about my work quality and everyone I work for is a potential lifetime customer. It's the details that matter. I try very hard to look between the lines for what exactly will make the job go easier. In the case of home plans I think it's crucial that my customers have no problems with construction, that all the important details are there.

There are hundreds of home plan retailers out there but watch out, most of these are re-sellers, offering other peoples designs. I like to think if a customer gets a plan from me that it's me they call to get changes made. It's me that they talk to directly and It's me that cares about quality. Of course if you checked out our site, you've seen the pictures, and you know that almost all of our homes have already been built at least once. There will be no head-scratching questions when your builder is standing on the job site, we guarantee that.

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